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No Future without ambition

McGregor Fashion Group BV, founded in 1993, is one of the most successful fashion houses in the upper market segment. Every day around 1200 staff around Europe continues to build on the success of our brands; McGregor and Gaastra. Our brands are available in 3000 multi-brand stores, 265 shop-in-shops and more than 120 of our own stores within the formula McGregor, Gaastra and ADAM Menswear. Turnover is approaching €261 million this year.

McGregor Fashion Group strives to maintain a flat organizational structure with short, direct lines through all departments. The company culture is informal but strongly performance-oriented. McGregor Fashion Group wants to be an attractive employer to its staff.

People at MFG
People at MFG

"A major plus point is that we have really good people here, and we genuinely work as a team."

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